Thursday, August 8, 2013


Coloring hair can cause it to become dry, dull and brittle, but certain antioxidants may offer substantial protection.

 A study done at Dong-Eui university in South Korea, exposed hair samples to hydrogen peroxide or ammonia ingredients found in many permanent hair dyes.

By treating the hair with procyanidins-flavanoid reduced the surface damage and protien breakdown and increased hair strength.

Some of the most powerful  procyanidins are found in, moringa oil,grape seed oil, cocoa seeds,acai oil, elm green tea and blueberry extract.

Procyanidins have been found to promote hair growth in cases of balding, they may also protect hair against oxidative stress from straighting treatments,sunlight and aging
Antioxidants are extremely beneficial in the prevention of hair loss as well as stimulating new, healthy hair growth,” says Kosia of Kosia Naturals.

Always look for hair products that contain antioxidants like Growth & Repair Serum from Kosia Naturals which contains botanicals and  herbs, all rich in antioxidants to promote healthier scalp and hair.

Although the best option will be to skip coloring all together, that will leave a lot of us pulling the grey out, not recommended, or a bunch of women walking around feeling very unhappy and the world will not be able to handle that :).

So lets start by using products that help our stands!!. 

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