Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skin Our Largest Organ

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and whatever we put on it ends up in our system. So pay attention and read the ingredients in your products!!!

At Kosia Naturals, we take a dedicated approach to healthy living. More than just what we eat, it's also entrenched in what we do, the products we use and in general, the quality of lifestyle we seek to embody. On the topic of the products that we use, we wanted to share with you a list that we've compiled of all-natural oils that can be used for more than just beauty purposes, but for the health of your skin. Of course, what we eat, can counteract what we put on our skin. But if we get all elements in sync - what we eat, what products we use and how we live, day-to-day, we're all but guaranteed a much more fulfilling existence, comfortable in our skin! As always, these are suggestions. Ensure that you act with any allergies in mind, and always get the green light from your physician before integrating any new products into your regimen - be it topical or otherwise.

Moringa Oil
Derived from the wondrous Moringa plant, this oil is incredibly versatile.  Even though it is food-grade and can be consumed orally, you can actually enjoy many of its benefits topically. In the realm of hair care, commercial conditioners and moisturizers can be very expensive, with no real guarantee that they will work on your hair type, even if claiming to be made specifically for it. At the root of commercial products' ineffectiveness are two often main ingredients: alcohol and mineral oil. Both of these ingredients are extremely damaging to hair, stripping it of natural oils, affecting the texture and sometimes the color, and can even be irritating to the scalp. Moringa oil removes all of these worries. It is quickly absorbed by the hair shaft, provides long-lasting moisture and increases the strength of the hair.

Jojoba Oil
Extracted from the jojoba seed, this oil (which is chemically more similar to a wax, but not in viscosity) is one of the closest in composition to human sebum. Sebum is the oil that our skin produces naturally. If you have oily skin, on your face or otherwise, use of this oil can actually trick your skin into producing less oil. Because jojoba oil has a very tiny cellular composition, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Not only will you see a decrease in the oily appearance you may have grown to despise, but you won't have to wear the often skin-clogging makeup to try to blot the oil that surfaces. An added bonus, jojoba oil has natural sun screen properties.

Avocado Oil

For more mature skin, avocado oil is touted as a miracle. High in sterolins, this oil is reputed not only to heal, but to reduce the appearance of scars and age spots. Additionally, avocado oil increases the skins ability to produce collagen. Why is this important? As we grow older, not only is collagen depleted through life's wear and tear, but the body's ability to even produce it becomes stagnated. Use of this oil on a daily basis, will find your skin supple, soft and much younger than it actually is. 

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