Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Nothing gives away your age like your hands. Our hands tend to age quicker and show their age more than most other parts of our bodies. Why do hands age so fast? The skin on the backs of your hands has few oil glands so it shrivels and chaps easily upon exposure especially around the joints. Add to this the overall fragile structure of your hands and you can understand why the skin on our hands is especially vulnerable to aging. Not only that, our hands are constantly exposed to the environment, the sun and sun damage, gravity, age, and daily abuse inflicted by us, not to mention neglect, again by us. So basically, our aging hands are self-inflicted to some degree. Our hands do so much for us during the day, yet we seem to just forget about them when it comes to skin and body care. Is it really possible to renew hands once they start the aging process? Yes, you can rejuvenate the skin somewhat, plump it up with product and prevent additional aging. The rule of thumb is to treat your hands like you do for your face.The hands are overworked and unappreciated.Give them the attention they deserve with these tips.
*A FLATTERING NAIL SHAPE MAKES HANDS LOOK MORE REFINED. Trim nails to a quarter of an inch past the fingertip .File them into a rounded or oval shape,which mimics of the finger and cuticle line.
*RAGGED CUTICLES make everything around them look neglected.Work cuticle oil like cuticles & nail repair by kosia naturals at least once a week.Push back cuticles with an orange stick,no cutting!!!.Trim hangnails with small nippers,as close to the finger as u can get.
*SMOOTH HANDS WITH A NICKEL-SIZE DOT of an exfoliating scrub once every two weeks.
*DURING THE DAY, always follow up with a light moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
*FOR EMERGENCY DRY HANDS RELIEF, use a rich moisturizer like All butter'd up by Kosia Naturals
put cotton gloves or socks after applying and go to bed, your hands will thank you in the morning.

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