Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simplify your Blow Dry

The perfect Blow-out no longer need fall into the once-and-a-while category. Necessity or treat, it can seem difficult nonetheless but with the right magic touch you, too can be a master of the trick, creating the illusion of flawless fairy tale locks.

Having the right tools are important. A professional hair dryer is a must, it will cut your drying time in half. Also some round brushes and hair clips

Having the right product is crucial. If you’re lacking a smooth, lustrous finish so sought after when it comes to your coiffed do, or perhaps the health element appears to be wearing thin as you fear the heat is frying away the shine blow by blow, your hair and scalp are crying out for some Moringa Oil!

This hidden secret of a liquid pumps out of a tiny bottle with a nutty and natural, earthy yet yummy scent and glides along the strand and soaks into the follicle for a healing, perfecting effect this is the oil that is infused in De-Puff "the name saids it all". Turning to this product brought to you from the ends of the earth and into your home – originally derived from the Moringa Tree in Africa and packaged just outside of New York City, it can now be yours forever – what a find. Visit as well as and to peruse the product and other brand selection.

So how to best use the wonder drug? First things first, try washing out the dirt and sealing in nutrients to create a great base to work with before going into your style.

Keep in mind if you start it off right and proceed with caution, a good blow out incorporating the correct ingredients – such as helpful product that isn’t cheaply stocked with junky contents that just clog up and coat your strands (simply adding more to the mess to combat!) well, a good blow out can actually last quite a few days. If oil does build up, keep in mind this is good! And patting a tiny amount of baby powder at the roots will not only solve the problem but also add extra body!

Here we go. For shampoo and conditioner, turn to the Growth & Repair line by Kosia Naturals. With a goal to preserve your natural oils and create a foundation for healthy hair, repairing  and encouraging healthy circulation while rebuilding with tea tree oil and increasing hair’s resistance to breakage is all composed in this bottle retailing for $18.99 each. There is also a serum offered at $27.99 to amplify the moisture content, sustain follicles, prevent hair loss, and pump up shine.

Now, get out of the shower and get the water out; it will be easier to dry in an attempted professional manor if you start with hair that is not soaked and completely wet. Aim for a damp start by towel drying your hair. To prevent breakage, do not wring it out but do so in a more pat-like manor.

Now let’s coat the hair; start with the ends and work your way up the shaft. Be cautious as to apply a small amount – for serums think of a dime opposed to a handful of goop. You don’t need much but make sure to get every piece lightly coated. Comb it through and get ready to section.

Sectioning your hair is key. Divide and use clips and ponytails to keep wet pieces away from the area you are working on. One above the other helps manage the blow as you can release bit by bit from the bottom.

Shooting air at the root and working down, use your fingers to loosen hair and create ease. Pull it away from your neck and create a small amount of tension. Using your fingers will help you get closer to the root than a brush can.

Next, pull out another handy tool that should be in your styling kit: the round-barreled brush. With nozzle of dryer aimed downward onto brush, roll it through the hair applying heat directly to the brush.

Patience is a virtue and comes into play when drying your hair. This may sound tedious, but drying until all strands are completely dry is a must, otherwise the hair will succumb to the wavy, perhaps frizzy temptation and counteract all your hard work.

Finishing by weaving your fingers through your now-bounced hair with a very tiny amount of Growth & Repair Serum already on your fingers will add that perfect luster to the look. Pulling the hair together at the back, as if gathering it together while your hands still have a tad of oil remnant (location: where a low pony would fall) will slick any fly-aways down and smooth it all down. Release and it will softly fall back into place around your face.

And that’s that! Visit for more on the recommended product line and get blowing!

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